This year the ARLIS/NA-TC-Chapter is pleased to offer a $310 travel award or multiple smaller travel awards for the the ARLIS/NA Conference in New York, NY, February 25-March 1, 2018. The award(s) encourage professional development of early, mid, and late career ARLIS/NA members by supporting attendance to the annual conference.


Applicants for the award must be current ARLIS/NA and ARLIS/NA-TC members. Applicants who receive partial or no institutional funding toward the cost of attending the conference will be given priority. Preference is given to chapter officers, conference speakers, moderators, ARLIS/NA committee members, students, and first-time attendees, but all are encouraged to apply. A person who receives an award will not be eligible to apply for another award until after 3 years.

Timeline and Process

The award process will begin with a first call for applicants seeking the $310 travel award. If there are no candidates, a second call will go out for those seeking additional travel/professional development support.

1. First Call: Applications due on November 24, 2017

Applicants seeking the $310 award are asked to present a letter (via e-mail) to members of the Travel Award Committee. The letter should include a statement of qualifications, the amount of expected institutional funding, proposed conference program involvement, and expected benefits or outcomes.

This major award is intended to cover the cost of a single member-rate early registration.

Please send letters of application to the head of the travel award committee, at

If no applications are received by November 24, a second call for applications will be sent.

2. Second Call: Applications due on December 8, 2017

Applicants seeking an award for additional financial support are asked to present a letter (via e-mail) to members of the Travel Award Committee. In addition to a statement of qualifications and the amount of expected institutional funding, the letter should include how much additional financial support is needed and the purpose, as well as expected benefits or outcomes.

The committee will grant smaller awards totaling up to $310. These smaller awards are intended to support selected continuing education opportunities for those attending the ARLIS/NA annual conference, such as a workshop fee or museum admission. The full amount requested will be given when possible, but the committee may elect to provide partial amounts if numerous worthy applications are received exceeding the $310 total.

Please send letters of application to the head of the travel award committee, at

Administration of the Award

The Travel Award Committee will review all applications and select a winner or winners. The winner(s) will be informed and asked to accept or decline the award in writing. If the first choice award winner declines, an alternative person from the applicant pool will be selected and offered the award. Upon receiving written acceptance of the award, the ARLIS/NA-TC Secretary/Treasurer will send the winner a check four to six weeks prior to the start of the conference.

We encourage all members who plan to attend the annual conference to apply.

Conference Reports

2016 Travel Award Report–Bailey Diers
2014 Travel Award Report–Margit Wilson