Basket by Joanne Segal Brandford

Joanne Segal Brandford, dyed rattan basket, 1987, sprang construction. 10 x 16 in.

The American Craft Council is pleased to announce the addition of a new digital collection, the Friends of Fiber Art International Artist Files.

Friends of Fiber Art International was a not-for-profit organization whose mission was to educate and encourage the appreciation and collection of contemporary textiles. It presented lectures and symposia, supported exhibitions featuring fiber artists, organized travel programs focused on exploring the state and diversity of fiber art, and awarded grants to support the efforts of organizations with a similar mission.

Founded by fiber art collector Camille J. Cook in 1991, Friends of Fiber Art International was active until 2017, with membership that spanned the United States and 18 other countries. During its 26 years, the organization amassed a library of nearly 700 books and exhibition catalogues, and artist files representing more than 1,400 artists. The Friends’ board of directors donated the library and artist file materials to the ACC Library and Archives – along with a generous monetary grant that helped fund the digitization efforts.

The diversity of fiber arts is well represented, including weaving, embroidery, dyeing, basketry, beadwork, quilting, appliqué, fiber sculpture, and other techniques. The Friends of Fiber Art International Artist Files digital collection is a selection of the many fiber artists whose material can be found in both the Friends of Fiber Art International and the American Craft Council artist files collections. New content will be added on an ongoing basis.